So today’s task was to look at my title and tag line. Changed them from the somewhat tawdry “My name” and “a blog” (actually I used the word “introspective” , but that sounded so pretentious, sad and… Yeah ok, enough of the past)  to something that reflects better what all this is about. 

I used to have a great deal of trouble believing that anything that I did was worthwhile, that I had little value and hence little self confidence or self belief. Recently that has changed. I can see that what I do has an impact and has value to others –  I see it in their reactions and feedback. And now my title reflects that I am beginning to have self belief. It’s also a play on the duality that I feel within: the conversation between my true self and my ego. I’m beginning to believe my true self – I’m listening to my heart trusting my instincts and gut feelings more than ever. I’m overcoming the nagging self doubt that the ego instils in us and this blog is more about that conversation than anything else. 

Tag line is the title of one of my favourite songs. What’s love, if you can kill for chocolate? Is from an album named ‘Freaky Trigger’ by a (now defunct) Scottish 80s band called Win! They were quirky, unapologetic and irreverent at times. Their music was an eclectic mix, and the song titles wonderful. The chirpy “It May Be A Beautiful Sky Tonight, But It’s Only A Shelter For A World At Risk” is not only a whopper of a title, it’s quite a catchy tune. 

What’s Love, If You Can Kill For Chocolate? is an apt tag-line as it highlights the absurdity of people  taking themselves and their activities too seriously. This blog, after all, is only a reflection of my mind and my experience. How seriously can anyone take it, let alone me?